Credit Karma Review 2022 | Is Credit Karma Protected

Credit Karma Review 2022

Nowadays, there are many websites that offer free credit scores. Whether you’re engaged in repairing your credit or on the brink of applying for a loan, realizing your credit scores could be beneficial.

Credit Karma is an aptly named private finance service. If you pay your bank card bills in full and on time monthly, do not open and shut accounts often, keep current with loan funds, and keep away from unfavorable events, you may be rewarded with an enviable credit score. Since most of us do not have good credit score habits, we have to know where we stand and how we can enhance that critical quantity. Credit Karma helps on each count.

It keeps you updated on that all-important credit score however, it additionally informs you of potential credit score breaches and gives tools that assist you to discover and secure one of the best credit card, loan, car, and auto insurance coverage deals. It does all of this totally free, paying for itself by the suggestions it makes to you primarily based on your general credit profile.

How does Credit Karma work?

Unlike different websites, you never need to enter your credit card info on Credit Karma, so that you don’t have to worry about hidden costs, fees, or trial periods that finish suddenly.

Credit Karma Review 2022

Is Credit Karma protected?

Credit Karma prides itself on maintaining your personal info protected, and a part of their success in doing so is that they don’t request that a lot.

How to protect yourself from ID theft

Credit Karma doesn’t sell or rent your info to any third party, which includes your contact info and your credit info. In addition, your info is protected on the website as a result of they use encryption services to protect online customers.

Is Credit Karma Really Free? Credit Karma Review 2022

Credit Karma is free. There aren’t any trial periods and no bank card is required.

Key Features Of Credit Karma

Credit Karma Review 2022
  • TransUnion Credit Score
  • Equifax Credit Score
  • Credit Factors
  • Credit Notifications
  • Observe/Track Your Spending
  • Credit Score Simulator
  • Explore for Unclaimed Money

Some of the really useful bank cards Credit Karma offers: 

  • Balance transfer bank cards
  • Cashback bank cards
  • 0% and low-interest bank cards
  • Rewards bank cards
  • Travel bank cards
  • Hotel bank cards

A Unique Service

We haven’t run throughout a website that provides critical competition to Credit Karma‘s credit score-monitoring capabilities. NerdWallet comes the closest, however, it solely offers one credit score, and the depth of its information and tools is marred by disjointed, sprawling consumer experience. Credit Sesame is younger enough that it hasn’t constructed up Credit Karma’s depth—plus you pay as much as $19.95 monthly for a few of its services, where the other two are free.

Should I use Credit Karma?

Credit Karma Review 2022

Credit Karma is a superb choice if you wish to keep watch over your credit score frequently. In addition, it’s helpful when you want to repair or construct your credit score. Your credit score is essential in your financial health, and it’s important to understand how the scores change.

Unlike different services that charge between $15-$20 to view your credit score, Credit Karma lets you check and observe your rating totally free with no need for a free trial or a credit card.

Credit Karma Review 2022: Benefits vs Drawback

Credit Karma Review 2022: Benefits

Credit Karma Review 2022
  • Free
  • Excellent and Easy  user experience
  • Explains the rationale for credit scores and reports
  • Suggests options for problem areas
  • New, no-fee checking account
  • Excellent mobile apps

Credit Karma Review 2022: Drawbacks

  • Distracting financial product suggestions
  • Doesn’t allow you to import transactions
  • No FICO scores


Keeping track of your credit score is usually a cumbersome and costly job in its own right. Credit Karma is a dependable and free website that simply does this. It has loads of features including a dashboard, tabs, and sources to keep you notified and in command of your credit.

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