New Alexa Compatible Devices 2020

Alexa Compatible Devices 

Alexa Compatible Devices

Voice assistants are becoming dull and outdated with every passing day. However, this is not the case with Alexa Compatible Devices. Now, you can manage almost anything in your home with Alexa. Don’t you believe us? Well, we can provide you a list of products and smart devices that are some of the best Alexa compatible devices.

These devices can turn your house into a smart one. Now, you can find smart speakers, locks, Wi-Fi cameras, and whatnot. The first echo Speaker was introduced in 2014 and guess what? The performance and compatibility of Alexa have been increasing since then. 
So, are you in search of the Alexa Compatible devices? Let’s take a look at them.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock
Best smart speaker

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[amazon box=”B07N8RPRF7″]

The first one on the list is the Echo Dot with the clock. If you are skeptical about the performance, worry no more! It has an exceptional overall performance, along with the LED clock; It is surely an astounding addition to your smart home. Moreover, the price range of it will not cost you a leg and arm. 

It can tell you time, weather, temperature, important reminders, and the sound quality is also incredible. What else do you need? The sheer practicality along with easy pairing, Alexa skills, and affordable pricing; this device will only make your life easier. However, you may feel sometimes Alexa is not as responsive as you want it to be. It is because of lesser microphones. 


  • It is an Alexa Compatible Device
  • Vast functionality 
  • Affordable 
  • Sound Quality is loud and improved 


  • Has a bulky adapter 
  • Does not has as many microphones as 2nd generation 
  • Wyze Cam Pan 
  • Best affordable Wi-Fi compatible camera 

New 4th Generation Echo Dot

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Wyze Cam

Best affordable Wi-Fi compatible camera. Wyze has been the talk of the town for their incredibly high functioning cameras and inexpensive price range. Wyze Cam Pan is a perfect pick for indoor surveillance cameras. This is an incredible camera that you can tilt and move. The Pan Cam has a feature that lets you move the camera right and left, zoom it in or out, using the mobile app. Isn’t that an advancement?

This Wyze Pan Cam also comes with an auto-tracking function that can adjust the tilt and zoom according to the detected motion. Whereas, if you compare the size of Cam Pan to Cam 2, the Wyze Pan Cam is not as tiny and delicate as the other one. The height of Pan Cam is 5 inches and it weighs around 8.78 ounces. It has motion tracking, detection, and tagging options. Moreover, the best part of this device is that this is an Alexa compatible device. 

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  • Affordable 
  • Easy to use 
  • Has an incredible picture quality 


  • Lacks a metal stand 
  • Does not auto-reboot 


These are some of the Alexa compatible devices that are of incredible quality. You can find a lot of other devices that are compatible with Alexa that can turn your home into a smart home. Security cameras are an important accessory. Moreover, the compatibility with Alexa increases the functionality even more.

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